Due to the current COVID pandemic there is a shortage of white candle jars. Candles pictured with white jars may come in black. Thank you for understanding. Free Shipping on any purchase of $75 or more! Buy 3 Or More 9oz Candles For $20 ea!

Get To Know Us

Who Is Conscious Candles 
Conscious Candles Company is a luxe hand poured candle experience based out of Lake Linganore Maryland. I am a mom and a wife who loves all things luxurious, including the aromas that fill the air of my home. I love nature, finding the beauty in everyday, music and creating a vibe. 
The Vision
Conscious Candles was designed to transform your environment into a luxe space boasting with the opulence of the cleanest and purest scents. Conscious Candles design is sleek, minimal, and universal. Some of Conscious Candles even come complete with a complimentary music playlist to truly set the vibe.
The Vibe
Being a candle lover for most of my life, I took an interest in the ingredients of what I was burning in my home daily during the global pandemic. After researching and really learning what my family was inhaling, I knew that some changes needed to be made. Mindfully crafted, Conscious Candles takes pride in hand pouring home fragrances that are safe for the environment and yet still luxurious. All of Conscious Candles are made with just three simple ingredients: Wooden Wicks, 100% American Grown Soy Wax, and Premium Fragrance Oils.