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Lighting Wooden Wick Candles

Wooden wick candles are luxurious, and require a unique level of care. Master the
art of enjoying your wooden wick candle with expert care instructions.
While burning Conscious Candles, the occurrence of issues is very rare—95% of such issues arise due to improperly trimmed wicks or failure to follow candle care instructions.

Following the instructions below will provide you with an enjoyable burning experience. 
  • Trimming your wick to the correct height is extremely important. Wicks that are too short will cause your flame to "drown" and your candle will not stay lit. Additionally a wick that is too long can also be detrimental to your candle. In short be sure to have your wick trimmed to  to 3/16" (0.5mm). The use of wick trimmers is highly recommended.
  • In the event that your wick is trimmed too short, removing some wax from around the wick can help significantly. When the candle isn't lit, utilize a paper towel to soak up some of the melted wax near the wick. Increase the amount of wick exposed to enhance the flame.
  • To achieve the best burn, ignite the entire wooden wick across the top instead of just one corner. Maintain contact between the flame and the wick until the entire wick is fully ignited.
  • In the event your candle ignites and self extinguishes, remove any charred pieces from your wick and relight. This usually indicates an improper wick trim.
  • Your first burn should last at minimum 4 hours on our larger candles. The initial and complete 4 hour burn period holds significant importance. Failing to let your candle burn until it reaches a full melt pool will cause your candle to tunnel.
  • Tunneling hampers the optimal performance of your candle. The tunnel "ring" will continue to burn strictly down the center of the candle if not resolved.
To summarize, trim your wick, eliminate charred fragments, burn in 4-hour intervals, and savor your Conscious Candles experience. In case of any issues with your products, feel free to contact us for support. Our dedicated team is here to assist you.