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Fall Collection Designer Car Diffuser

Fall Collection Designer Car Diffuser

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Our Designer Car Diffuser is a new way to enjoy your favorite Conscious Candles fragrances. Simply hang and enjoy and when you need to refresh the aroma give it a little shake! 

Instructions For Use 

  • Unscrew top and remove plastic plug.
  • Replace top by screwing securely.
  • Tip bottle upside down for 2-3 seconds to allow fragrance to absorb into wooden lid. Do not oversaturate.

  • Replace plastic plug & top by screwing securely.
  •  Hang upright to enjoy. Never leave bottle laying on its side, as it will leak
  • To refresh scent unscrew cap, remove plug, carefully and lightly shake or tip bottle. Replace plug and screw cap back on
  • Not surface safe clean any spills immediately
  •  Keep out of reach of children & pets

Net Weight Approx. 0.20-0.25